Tenfold Powers Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS) with Native CTI for more than 100 voice platforms

Tenfold provides Advanced CTI for Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS) giving enterprise companies and global teams the solutions they need to enable this high-powered offering from Salesforce with fully integrated voice.  Tenfold integrates High Velocity Sales with more than 100 voice platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Skype for Business, RingCentral and more. Tenfold is deeply aligned with Salesforce as the only native CTI solution invested in by Salesforce Ventures and has helped collaboratively develop and test current and future capabilities with the Salesforce team including upcoming features like Einstein Call Coaching that you may have heard about at Dreamforce.

What is Salesforce High Velocity Sales?

Salesforce High Velocity Sales is a new and powerful capability from Salesforce that helps sales teams be more productive and effective through better management of the sales process, easier iterative testing of what works and what does not work, and improved workflow and data capture to ensure sales reps are spending time in revenue producing activities.

The core capabilities of Salesforce High Velocity Sales are:

  1. Intelligent Sales Cadences — Ensure your team sticks to the right sales process and approach for every lead by building multi-channel outreach cadences with clear next steps and branching based on prior step outcomes.
  2. Integrated Click to Dial (with CTI solution) — One-click to dial from any phone number in the HVS Console or any “Call” button when powered with a CTI solution like Tenfold. 
  3. Prioritized Work Queues powered by Einstein Lead Scoring — Leverage your defined sales cadences along with Einstein lead scoring to prioritize next steps for your reps so they can focus on revenue generating activities versus thinking of who to reach out to next and how.
  4. Support for CTI Integration — Embed CTI solutions like Tenfold in the HVS Console for seamless data capture & call handling using Salesforce’s OpenCTI solution and an HVS-ready CTI offering.venue generating activities versus thinking of who to reach out to next and how.
  5. Integrated Contextual Call Scripts — Ensure reps know just what to say with call scripts for every touchpoint defined in your sales cadences and delivered to your reps at the right time.
  6. Automated Activity Capture — Automatically capture every single call, email, meeting and completed sales cadence step across other channels right in Salesforce on the right record.

See these outlined in the below screenshot of Tenfold Advanced CTI for High Velocity Sales.

How does Salesforce High Velocity Sales Compare to Other Solutions In the Market?

Salesforce High Velocity Sales represents the company’s push back into the Sales Force Automation space against competing solutions like Outreach, SalesLoft and (formerly  While Salesforce is still the largest player in this space, other entrants had focused more on the high velocity sales functionality like defined sales cadences for outbound dialing and email automation.

With Salesforce High Velocity Sales, Salesforce has a powerful and robust answer to these other off-platform companies in the sales automation space. Since the solution is later to market than others, it does not always have every bell & whistle you will find in competing sales automation platforms.  While they have entered more recently with a solution, they have the full force of Salesforce ($120B+ market cap) behind it alongside best-in-class AI through Salesforce Einstein and continued acquisitions in the intelligence space such as the recent acquisition of in mid-2019.

Some of the core advantages of the Salesforce High Velocity Sales product over competing offerings:

  • For Salesforce customers, Salesforce High Velocity Sales is on-platform and fully built into the Salesforce Sales Cloud experience.  Other products like the ones mentioned above take your reps away from Salesforce and are competing for desktop and data ownership leaving your team and company in the middle to sort out integration and experience.
  • Since Salesforce High Velocity Sales is on-platform and an add-on to Salesforce as opposed to an entirely new platform to live alongside Salesforce, the cost for High Velocity Sales is typically much more competitive than alternative solutions.
  • Salesforce High Velocity Sales allows for integration with true CTI solutions like Tenfold as opposed to only providing embedded telephony via Twilio.  The latter path has limited the above providers in their viability for enterprise organizations due to scalability and security concerns, as well as in global markets where these companies only support dialing in North America to other numbers in North America.  This means that Salesforce High Velocity Sales when paired with a solution like Tenfold can scale for enterprise companies and enable sales force automation in international markets.
  • Einstein has been praised as a best-in-class AI engine and is the basis for much of Salesforce’s go-forward product investment spanning communication channels and core CRM capabilities, as well as those of High Velocity Sales.  Investing in HVS helps companies future-proof their investment knowing where Einstein is heading in the next 2-3 years. This would include soon-to-be-released features like Einstein Call Coaching.

Why is CTI a Critical Requirement for High Velocity Sales?

For any investment in Salesforce High Velocity Sales, CTI is a critical component to ensuring your sales team gets full value from the solution.  Without integrated CTI, you will be relying on end users to manually log activities for every interaction. If a manual capture is missed, your customer will receive the same activity twice or more leading to unproductive sales efforts and poor customer experiences.  Furthermore, integrated telephony (CTI) provides much more than just a completed task. Advanced CTI solutions like Tenfold can integrate much more data in a structured way including call metadata and voice recordings feeding Einstein predictive lead scoring and empowering Einstein Call Coaching for your sales team.  

CTI solutions like Tenfold have also been proven at scale to increase productivity by automating otherwise manual activities during a sales conversation shaving upwards of 30 seconds per call through deep workflow compression.  With voice making up more than 70% of outbound interactions for sales teams, CTI plays a huge role in driving the productivity savings that teams need and are looking for as they invest in High Velocity Sales.

Why is Tenfold Uniquely Positioned to Empower this Functionality for Salesforce HVS Users?

Tenfold has raised more than $40m from Tier 1 investors specifically to solve for CTI and as the only native CTI solution backed by Salesforce Ventures, Tenfold has a unique relationship with the Salesforce team driving closer product collaboration and deeper roadmap alignment to give companies the most out of High Velocity Sales powered by CTI and upcoming functionality like Einstein Call Coaching.  

Furthermore, Tenfold supports more voice platforms than any other CTI partner allowing for customers to integrate with what they have in place today and adapt to future needs whether through migration, acquisition or replacement of their voice infrastructure.  Tenfold supports both on-premise and cloud offerings helping companies through their digital transformation efforts by accelerating value today and allowing for transformation tomorrow without any end-user disruption in solution or experience.  

Lastly, Tenfold has a world-class support and customer success organization offering 24x7x365 support and enterprise-grade SLAs alongside a robust security program with SOC II compliance, multi-provider & multi-region infrastructure redundancy and certified data protection programs.

See Tenfold Advanced CTI for High Velocity Sales in action here:

Learn more about Salesforce High Velocity Sales from Salesforce

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