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Grow Revenue 30% With The #1 Sales Call Workflow

“Tenfold shines a light into who is working and who isn't. I chose Tenfold over 6 other vendors, because of their focus on the customer. Tenfold should be an automatic add-on to your CRM.”

Craig Murphy, 2015, Intercontinental Hotels Group
 2015, Intercontinental Hotels Group
Hundreds of Companies Making Millions of Revenue

What is Tenfold?

Tenfold connects your CRM and phone system in 5 minutes to solve common sales problems. We help you hit your monthly sales goals by enforcing sales best practices across your team.

  • Leads called in 5 minutes have a 9x close rate, yet sales teams call 60% of new leads after 10+ hours.
  • Leads close after 9 or more follow-ups, yet sales reps give up after 1 or 2 follow-ups 44% of the time.

The #1 Sales Call Workflow

Find out how Tenfold can help you hit your highest sales goals.

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