Connect Genesys to your CRM to power better conversations.

Give your agents full customer context at the point of interaction while automatically logging every call without compromising call quality.

Most popular Genesys integrations.

We offer the largest library of CTI integrations for Genesys, PureCloud and PureEngage platforms.

Salesforce + Genesys
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 + Genesys
Zendesk + Genesys
Netsuite + Genesys
ServiceNow + Genesys
Bullhorn + Genesys

These are just a few of our wide array of Genesys integrations. Contact the Tenfold team to explore your possibilities.

Do more with your Genesys products.

Enable complete data capture

We connect your Genesys products to your phone systems to capture 100% of your customer data. Tenfold enables your sales and service reps to instantly recognize and respond to customers at the moment of interaction.

Modern UI reps love

Our easy-to-use interface gives your team access to powerful data and workflow automations in a single pane of glass. In-app analytics provide a complete view of call volume, call length and other key metrics you can use to increase revenue and performance.

Create more value and less tickets

Tenfold unifies the customer experience, increasing revenue and making teams more efficient. Generate higher customer satisfaction, faster resolutions and more finalized sales.

World-class customer support 24 x 7 x 365

Our experts stay by your side for the full implementation process. Achieve next generation CTI without replacing existing IT systems. We support integrations for current and future versions of Genesys products and your systems of engagement.

From a sales management perspective, [Tenfold] gave us the data to help coach reps to achieve their targets. By measuring quantity and quality of calls, we could identify areas for improvement to assist them hit their overall sales targets.
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The shortest path to stellar customer engagement.

Choose the CTI solution specifically designed to boost sales and service productivity while improving employee and customer experiences.