Amplify agent performance with Tenfold for Salesforce.

Automatically capture robust customer and analytic data from every customer conversation without navigating multiple systems.

Most popular Salesforce integrations.

company 1
Avaya + Salesforce
Genesys + Salesforce
Cisco + Salesforce
RingCentral + Salesforce
NEC + Salesforce
Asterisk + Salesforce

These are just a few of our wide array of Salesforce integrations. Contact the Tenfold team to explore your possibilities.

Easily leverage the full potential of Salesforce.

Accelerate outbound call process

Tenfold provides Click-to-Dial capability, automated call logging, script pop-up and seamless note taking in a single interface directly inside of Salesforce.

Support for Einstein call coaching

Leverage Tenfold with Einstein Call Coaching to analyze your conversations like never before. Gain insights into call volume around specific products, how long agents talk about products, and specific terms used in conversations. Enable effective coaching and strategy decisions.

More effective conversations

Tenfold gives agents access to full customer and prospect information at the point of interaction without juggling multiple platforms. Greater context powers higher customer satisfaction and more finalized sales.

Full KPI transparency

Tenfold automatically logs every call and streamlines data capture by your agents while in-app analytics provide a full 360º view of call volume, call length and other performance metrics so you can provide informed coaching and make data-driven decisions.

We made a large implementation of Tenfold with Salesforce and the results have been great. We have access to a variety of call data that was previously not possible, and the ability to interact with calls outside of Salesforce is a huge win for our multitasking team.
Joel Stevenson
Joel Stevenson
Former VP of Business Sales, Wayfair
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