Privacy Policy

Overall Privacy Tenants
Callinize integrates with your CRM, and we understand the responsibility that we carry. We understand that your CRM contains sensitive business information, and we will do everything possible to make sure your data remains safe and secure.

That’s why we go a step above just having a privacy policy and make sure to have a privacy pledge.  It is our promise to you that we care about privacy and we hold it as a high priority in our company.  To show you that we care, we first must make our policy simple enough so you can understand it.  We keep it simple so you do not have to worry about us cramming things into it to avoid responsibility.  If this policy is not clear and readable, please reach out to us at and we will speak with you one-on-one.

Please note that our privacy policy may change from time to time, to make it more clear or reflect new features that we add.  However, the following tenants will never change:

1.   We want you to be in control of your data.

2.   Your private information stays absolutely confidential and is only accessible by you.

3.   We will always be transparent and describe how your information is used.

4.   We will never send you spam or let others spam you.

5.   Your trust in us is the most important thing we have.  We will not let you down.

Data Sources

Where does the data that Callinize uses come from?

Callinize uses both primary and secondary data sources.

1.   Primary Data: primarily we get information from your CRM.  Examples, SugarCRM,, Highrise, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.  This information is privileged to you.  While we do process this data behind the scenes, we do not ever show or disclose this information to anyone other than your users within your organization.  We have special security behind the scenes that ensures no one else can see your data.

2.   Secondary Data: in addition to primary data we also use secondary data sources to give you a more rich user experience.  Callinize queries secondary sources using the phone number or email address of the contact displayed through a lookup against public data out on the internet.  We combine information from several sources; at the moment, these are LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Profiles, WhitePages, Dunn & Bradstreet, and BBB.  Some of these sources are premiumand not included in our standard license.  This information comes from public data sources, which anyone could find using a search engine.

We aggregate public data, filter out information our algorithm has deemed relevant (based on customer feedback), and display it to everyone who uses Callinize.  This data is comprised of two components.  The data used to search the public source (e.g. your customers email and phone number) are private.  We do not share this search data with anyone except you and the information provider

we are performing the search on.  The data that is retrieved however, is public, because we found it on the internet, just like anyone with a search engine could. We do not have the ability to make it private.  If there is any confusion on this, please send us an email.

What if Callinize displays incorrect information?

The data that Callinize uses from primary sources is at the end of the day yours.  The only information that Callinize edits is your call data for calls that go through Callinize. If other information is incorrect, such as contact or lead data, we provide a link to your CRM so you can quickly access the contacts full information.  If there are inaccuracies you can correct them there.  The data that Callinize uses from secondary sources is public.  Typically, this information is public data the contact or others has shared about them.  If this data is incorrect, we have no ability to correct it, because the data is stored on third-parties servers.  If you see data, which is inaccurate or abusive to your users, please let us know and we will look into whether we should discontinue using that particular data provider.  If you are making important decisions about contacts, such as whether to give them a loan application or job please do not rely on it without verifying it for yourself first.  Because we are an aggregator, we rely on you through your own CRM or the secondary sources available on the internet to provide accurate information.

Sharing with third parties

Does Callinize disclose information to third parties?

We do not disclose your information to anyone else.  Our business is to make your CRM and phone experience better, that’s it.


Will Callinize access my CRM or Phone System without permission?

Callinize will never access your CRM or Phone System without your permission.  Most data sources that we use rely on use APIs (Advanced Programmable Interfaces), meaning that we have access to a stream of data rather than direct access.  If it ever becomes necessary to access your system, we will only access it with your explicit permission during a troubleshooting phone call or screen share.

Cookies & tracking

Does Callinize use cookies?

Similar to almost every website these days, Callinize uses cookies to determine whether you are logged into Callinize.  These cookies do identify you personally as a user and without these we would not be able to provide Callinize to you.  Callinize keeps these cookies strictly confidential.  In order to prevent a leak of your private information, Callinize uses a security practice where we set your cookies specifically to the domain.


How does Callinize handle security?

The founders of Callinize are both engineers and have in-depth security experience with hardware and software security.  Because of this, we take security into account at every touch point, both in building our processes and building our application.

Callinize is hosted with Amazon Web Services, who has a solid track record of security of world-class protection.  We host our own servers and do not use a PaaS to ensure that we maintain industry best practices.   We use Ubuntu Linux and update our servers regularly.

All Callinize API calls are encrypted through 128-bit SSL encryption and then additionally passed through an Access Level Control policy to keep customer data separate.

If you have any questions or concerns about security, please email us at – we also attempt to add frequently asked questions to our support portal.

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