Nextiva and Tenfold Partner to Bring Unified Communications to CRM

Nextiva and Tenfold are excited to announce a brand-new partnership that will make lives infinitely easier for call center managers and employees.

The two companies are now offering an integration that empowers employees to see customer information on-demand inside their CRM, the second they call into your company.

Here are some of the highlights that the Tenfold-Nextiva partnership will bring to call centers:

  • Automatically capture each interaction
  • Provide immediate transparency across all departments
  • Natively integrate Nextiva directly with Salesforce, Dynamics, SugarCRM, and more

In the age of the customer experience and data-driven customer interactions, it’s more critical than ever to have quick access to your customer data.

Nextiva’s cutting edge voice platform gives you the ability to communicate with customers via video, deskphone, cell phone, and other devices.

The company was just named the best overall business phone service by the U.S. News and World Report and currently ranks #1 in Ease of Use based on customer reviews on software review site, G2.

Using Nextiva and Tenfold, customers can 10X the power of their CRM and operate much more efficiently and effectively. Here are a few of the ways they can do that:

Log Calls as an Activity

Salesforce, Dynamics, and SugarCRM users can automatically log their call activity inside of their respective CRMs using Nextiva. You can also edit your notes instead of using the default or automatic ones.

Manage Your Tasks and Records

From the Salesforce integration panel, you can make new contacts, leads, opportunities, or accounts. You can also type notes that will create tasks automatically and use Nextiva’s Natural Language Processing feature to interpret words like “tomorrow” or “next week” as dates for your tasks.

Hop Right Into Your Screen With Call Pop

Using Nextiva, incoming calls pop right onto your screen. One click brings up the customer’s CRM record. If this is a new phone number, you can associate it to an existing record. All of this can occur before you even pick up the phone.

Get Started with Nextiva and Tenfold

Looking to get more value from your call center? Want to create smoother, data-driven operations for your teams? Check out Nextiva + Tenfold and learn how our platforms can supercharge your people, processes, and platforms with data and automation.

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