The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Key Things to know.

Callinize, Inc., d.b.a. Tenfold (“Tenfold,”) values your privacy and we understand that nothing is more important to our customers than the protection of their data, particularly in light of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which went into effect in January 2020. Below is an outline of the purpose of CCPA and the steps Tenfold has implemented to meet CCPA requirements as part of our ongoing commitment to protect consumer data and help our customers comply with the CCPA.

1) CCPA’s purpose

The CCPA creates several new rights so individuals may control access and use of their personal information. These include the right to access or delete personal information collected by a business and the right to opt out of a “sale” of their personal information. The opt-out right is particularly significant because the CCPA defines “sale” in broad terms that encompass many commonplace data sharing arrangements, even where no money is exchanged. However, transfers to “service providers” are not considered “sales.”

2) Personal Data at Tenfold

As part of our Service to you, Tenfold may collect and store your customer’s personal information, such as name, address, etc., from voice, chat, or messaging transcripts and other sources. Tenfold implements stringent security measures to ensure that personal information is protected in our systems. For an overview of those measures please review additional information available at /security.

3) Tenfold’s CCPA Compliance

For commercial clients doing business in California, Tenfold will be acting as a “Service Provider.” The terms of our existing agreements with you already

meet the requirements for Service Providers under the CCPA and are sufficient to permit you to use your data in connection with our services. As such, no additional contractual changes are required for you to be able to rely on Tenfold as a Service Provider under the CCPA.

Tenfold has implemented robust security measures that are designed to meet and exceed your security requirements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Tenfold has implemented multiples authentication requirements for Tenfold employee’s access to your personal data;
  • Tenfold has designed mechanisms and procedures to help you manage requests from data subjects for access to personal information, rectification, and/or deletion or personal information.
  • We regularly update our privacy policy to address new requirements at /privacy.

4) Supporting California Privacy Rights

CCPA gives consumers new rights and additional controls over personal information that businesses may collect and use about the consumer. Among these, California consumers have new access and delete rights as well as new rights to opt out of the sharing or “selling” of personal information with third parties for their own use. Tenfold’s privacy policy at /privacy provides you with tools and technology to help you manage individual rights requests that you may need to fulfill, including access and delete capabilities for your verified consumers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account team with any questions or concerns.

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