Are you a builder?

At Tenfold, we are building a new kind of company from the ground up. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to create insight, improve quality of life, and increase human connection.

Our Story

Back in 2011, the founders of Tenfold wanted to unify their customer relationship processes, but quickly realized that doing so would require them to either change their existing phone system, or make a significant investment in a software package that was designed for the needs of call centers. Neither of those options were acceptable, so they built their own integration for their systems, SugarCRM and Asterisk. They subsequently open sourced their work, and it quickly became successful, as others immediately understood the power of this solution. There was only one problem; it only worked for SugarCRM and Asterisk, and required an IT person to implement and maintain.

Building on all they learned, and understanding how much of a need there was for this product, Tenfold was created to solve the issues they originally encountered, but on a much larger scale. Six years later, Tenfold now integrates with over 20 different CRMs, more than 80 phone systems, and is backed by one of the world's most respected venture capital firms; Andreessen Horowitz. As we continue to grow, and improve our product, our mission is to provide a simple way to connect your existing systems, and to capture 100% of the customer journey, wherever that conversation is happening.

Why you'll love Tenfold

We’re building an inspired team, with smart people. We want to build a team with high level professionals from all sorts of backgrounds.

We want you to have a great experience!

At Tenfold, we offer a vast array of benefits to help employees find the perfect work-life balance. We're all about creating an atmosphere that optimizes productivity and maximizes happiness.

  • - Competitive pay and equity

  • - Unlimited time off

  • - Brand new gear

  • - Public transit reimbursement

  • - Full medical coverage

  • - Community volunteering