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Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Your Industry?

With computers becoming more advanced, how long will it be before your industry finds a way to replace you?

While films and television shows often depict artificial intelligence in a terrifying way (think Ex Machina or Westworld), the immediate future likely isn’t that bleak. We might have to ultimately bow down to our robot counterparts, but for now, the most worrying aspect of AI is how it will disrupt everyday jobs. In this ebook, we discuss which industries are going to be affected the most, and what types of work can be most easily replaced.

In this ebook, we walk through the various industries that will be affected by artificial intelligence.

  • Predictable Physical Work
  • Data Processing
  • Managing Others
  • Fewer Managers Required

See what trends you should be aware of in your industry

Our sales team’s success is a product of both hard work and the willingness to learn new techniques every day. The tips in this ebook were taken from our daily experience pursuing better ways to sell and contribute to the growth of Tenfold. We want to share these tips with others, especially salespeople who are looking for ways to be better at their job.

Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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