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Five Trends That Will Affect All Sales Execs in 2017

What worked in 2016 won't necessarily work in 2017. Make sure you're up to date on the latest trends.

Business practices are not static. You can’t study the best sales trends from 2005 and expect those to last a lifetime. Every year, new technologies emerge, and cause executives to reshape their strategies. With 2017 upon us, make sure to refresh your sales playbook, and take a revamped approach into your pitch meetings.

In this ebook, we detail the upcoming sales trends for 2017 that executives need to fully embrace in order to have a successful year.

  • Niche Content
  • Video Is the Answer
  • Avoid Tunnel Vision
  • Expertise Will Drive Sales

See how these five trends can boost your success rates

Our sales team’s success is a product of both hard work and the willingness to learn new techniques every day. The tips in this ebook were taken from our daily experience pursuing better ways to sell and contribute to the growth of Tenfold. We want to share these tips with others, especially salespeople who are looking for ways to be better at their job.

Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Tenfold, Director of Sales

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