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How Fortune 500 Companies Manage Their Contact Centers

Contact Center Management requires a full-suite of tools and capabilities. Read how Fortune 500 companies have taken control of every customer interaction point to provide a smooth and flawless journey for every individual.

As enterprise companies grow in size and in scope, it’s vitally important for them to create a fully optimized customer journey. Simply setting up a call center isn’t remotely enough of a solution; which is why it’s important for enterprises to create in-depth, and highly detailed business plans for how they are going to manage their various customer contact points, and ensure that every interaction is as productive as possible.

In this whitepaper, we analyze how Fortune 500 companies have set up and deployed their contact centers, with specific case studies on Apple, State Farm, Microsoft, and others.

  • Availability and Providing Prompt Responses Across Platforms
  • Embracing Social Media Connections
  • Consolidated Contact Center Operations
  • Captive Call Centers

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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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