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21 Tips Seasoned Sales Reps Won’t Tell You

Prospect better. Sell smarter. Close more.

As industries get increasingly competitive, salespeople are playing a bigger role now more than ever. This situation requires sales reps to always be at the top of their game. Seasoned salespeople will tell you that this level of dedication can only emerge from those who know exactly what to do for each kind of sales situation.

From newcomers to vets, this ebook contains tips that help salespeople level up and navigate their daily tasks in a way that produces results.

The tips include:

  • Recognizing Buying Cues
  • How to Handle Follow up Calls
  • Improving Conversations With Prospects

Our sales team’s success is a product of both hard work and the willingness to learn new techniques every day. The tips in this ebook were taken from our daily experience pursuing better ways to sell and contribute to the growth of Tenfold. We want to share these tips with others, especially salespeople who are looking for ways to be better at their job.

Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Tenfold, Director of Sales

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