Introducing Tenfold VoiceMap

A lot of Tenfold customers record their agent phone conversations. Links to those recordings are available in the CRM call records as soon as a call is completed. Very handy for a quick review, a spot check, or just confirmation of what was said.

Despite the obvious benefits of having a record of phone conversations, many of our customers have told us that is not enough. “We can mine information from mail archives, but call recordings have to be reviewed in real time. It’s too cumbersome.”

Today Tenfold is introducing the first component of a full-fledged analytics suite for call centers: Tenfold VoiceMap.


At Tenfold we run our own sales and support operations internally and we need to understand how our agents are interacting with prospective and current customers. The insight we get from VoiceMap is invaluable for us and now we’re excited to see what it can do for others.  

The version of VoiceMap we’re introducing today exposes:

  • Talk time,
  • Interrupts,
  • Crosstalk,
  • A Listening Score,

as well as

  • a sophisticated player that visualizes the Listening Score’s components.

Over the coming months we’ll be rolling out more indispensable VoiceMap insights, so stay tuned!

A New Call History Table

Detailed VoiceMap are accessed from the re-designed Call History table. Here’s what it looks like:

You can see that this agent received an inbound call, did not link it to the CRM (!), and took some notes. The VoiceMap tab tells us that a recording is available, and that the Listening Score for that call was a miserable 37!

By clicking on the VoiceMap cell, you can access the widgets described below.

Talk Time

How much do your agents talk compared to your customers? The Talk Time widget shows the numbers at a glance, and how that ratio compares to the company average.

Interrupts & Crosstalk

Sometimes agents interrupt clients, and sometimes clients interrupt agents. This isn’t necessarily bad – sometimes people get excited! – but someone who interrupts on a regular basis probably isn’t listening very carefully.

Interrupts lead to crosstalk, people speaking over each other.  Sometimes crosstalk is short (“Sorry, I thought you were finished talking.”) but sometimes it goes on for a long time. Are your agents mechanically reading from scripts and not listening to your clients?

We’ve visualized interrupts and crosstalk data in the Interrupts widget:

As you can see, Austin, the agent, interrupted the client three times during their conversation, and the client interrupted Austin twice. Austin’s interruptions led to 70% of the conversation’s crosstalk, and the clients’ to 30%.

Listening Score

The Listening Score pulls all of the data we’ve just talked about – relative talk time, interrupts, and crosstalk – into one number, which tells you an awful lot about the dynamics of a conversation.

Listening Scores are computed for every conversation, for every agent, for every team, and for the entire company. This makes it easy to track progress, compare agents and teams, and understand the health of the company’s conversations with its customers.

Here is Austin’s Listening Score, in historical context, for the conversation we’ve analyzed:

Recording Player with Speaker Breakdown

Every recorded call can now be played in Tenfold Dashboard!

Our new player is as fantastic as it looks:


It is specially designed to show you all of the components of the call’s Listening Score. At a glance you can see speaker turns, interrupts, and crosstalk. This is incredibly handy in a coaching situation when listening to an entire call without visual cues can be difficult and time-consuming.

Record your most important conversation!

Of course, no sales or support operation throws away their email. That would be crazy, because those archives are full of information. But now, thanks to Tenfold’s new analytics products, it’s just as crazy to throw away your even more valuable phone conversations.  

To start recording and leveraging the benefits of VoiceMap, just give us a call. Don’t worry, we’ll record it.

If you’re interested in VoiceMap, and how it can improve your business, please contact as and we’ll be happy to provide any additional information.


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