What are Sales Scripts? Sales scripts, defined.

In telemarketing and call-based outbound sales, sales scripts are one of the main tools of a sales representative. It includes the description, capabilities, and the price of the product or service, and it acts as the sales agent’s reference when engaging a customer. Contrary to how scripts usually are, a sales script is often just a list of talking points and keywords to watch out for. Sometimes, they also include answers to frequently asked questions and objections.

While generally considered to be an outbound selling tool, sales scripts can also be used by inbound sales agents to upsell a product a customer already has or a subscription that a customer is already signed up for. Additionally, since cold calling is not as effective as it once was after the Federal Trade Commission limited its scope, inbound sales (and even inbound care) agents have been trained to add a sales component to their call, usually by smoothly transitioning to a sales script.

Tailored Scripts, Targeted Sales

Due to advances in telephone technology such as voice-over-Internet-protocols (VOIP) and computer telephony integration (CTI), a sales agent can tailor-fit their sales scripts to initiate targeted sales. A customer on the line can be researched automatically via a CTI tool at the start of a call based on his or her name and/or phone number, and their online activity can be used by the sales agent to dynamically engage and interest them with a sale.

Sales scripts are also not exclusive to phone-based sales. In B2B transactions, a letter of intention to bid for a contract or a well-written e-mail detailing the advantages of each tier of a price structure can stand as a sales scripts by themselves.

In e-businesses, sales scripts are also used, though in a far less technical context than phone-based selling. Some online services that use chat-based customer care, for example, can see exactly how long a visitor has been online in a particular page—and even the content they’ve been reading on the said page—before the customer requested for chat support. This gives the seller a slight advantage in anticipating the customer’s concerns and prepare talking points immediately.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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