5 Ways Predictive Dialers Help You Close More Sales

5 Ways Predictive Dialers Help You Close More Sales

5 Ways Predictive Dialers Help You Close More Sales Not all dialers are created equal.

As we say at Tenfold, more calls=more sales.

Automated dialing is one of the first things you have to ensure when building a mid- or enterprise-level contact center. The use of dialers is indispensable, especially in outbound sales calling.

Did you know that without dialers, an agent’s productivity rate per hour stays at 66%?

When automated dialers are used, it can shoot up to as much as 97%. That means if you have 100 agents switch to automated dialing, it’s as good as adding 30 more agents to your workforce.

What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an application that automates dialing from a contact list so that call center representatives can manage dial-outs within a strategy.

Since a call center’s productivity greatly depends on how many calls are made within a day, automated calling helps by reducing the impact of missed calls, calls unanswered, call waiting, or dead numbers.

Douglas Samuelson of Infologix defined predictive dialers as an application that dials a list  of telephone numbers and connects answered dials to people making calls. Now, Douglas wrote his report in 1999, but predictive dialers still hold almost the same benefits which kept it reliable and relevant through the years.

Designed to predict agent workflows like when a current call would be finished, predictive dialing software can dial out numbers when the algorithm tells it that the current call will be closed soon.

Once the current call is finished, the new live call is passed to the agent seamlessly. This system ensures that agents have minimum idle time, and the customer on the other end of the line will have no idea that the dialer is automated.

Predictive dialers and sales

With the surge of automation across business processes, it’s foolish for contact centers not to utilize this program. Selling with the help of predictive dialers ensures that you reach the most number of people in a day. It can be used in almost all industries where selling is imperative.

Here are five ways predictive dialers help agents close more sales.


Without predictive dialers, agents waste around 20 minutes in an hour. That’s two hours and 40 minutes in a full day.

Wasted time is wasted money. Predictive dialers make sure that agents are on the phone with a lead at the right time. Its aim is to reduce the wait times between calls and makes sure that an agent make the most number of calls per working day.

Unanswered calls, busy lines, dead numbers, and answering services are all skipped and discarded without the agent having to tag the calls.


Predictive dialers usually have lead management software incorporated into the application. If not, most are open for integration with call management solutions like Tenfold.

Predictive dialers can screen out DNC or “do not call” numbers. It can clean up a list to make sure that most numbers to be dialed out are working and eligible for calls. These integrations and also LMS software are capable of lead info recording, organization, sales tracking, customer history and other pertinent data that can be provided to agents automatically.

Newer technologies like Tenfold use more efficient modes of info delivery like pop-ups which appear once the plug-in detects a call in progress. Better lead management will lead to better interaction with customers, leading to more sales.


Predictive dialers were made to predict agent availability and match that with the number of live calls that the system can dial out. It uses algorithms to ensure seamless workflows in contact centers.

The efficiency and productivity predictive dialers bring to contact center is unmatched. Unanswered calls and dead lines, whether busy or unanswered, are skipped.

Agents are only connected to call when another person is on the other end of the line. They don’t waste time listening to ringback tones. Their idle rates drop and active call time is improved.

It positive affects productivity on the managerial level. With the need to manage call lists eliminated, call center supervisors can focus on assisting agents improve their metrics. Instead of managing number lists, managers get to manage their agents.

More productive hours, more calls made. More calls made, more sales closed.


Aside from increasing the number of hours agents use in actual calls, contact centeres can benefit from predictive callers by using it as a tool in following calling regulations.

The Telemarketing Sales Rule from the Federal Trade Commission enforces certain rules that prohibit call centers from contacting phone subscribers who requested to be put on the Do Not Call (DNC) registry.

The predictive dialer ensures that the call center is complying with the rules.

In practical terms, no time is wasted calling people who are specifically displeased with sales calls. More time is spent handling prospects who are more open to calls from reps.


One of the many benefits of a predictive dialer is the support for call retries based on past dialing results. For example, you can set up dialers to redial numbers tagged as ‘NO ANSWER’ after a set amount of hours. These retry strategies are approved by the FTC.

You can set up these strategies based on the key metrics that are supplied by most good dialers. Integration with the CRM, the phone system, and other solutions can help a call center be on top of their retry strategies. Using numbers like calls made, connected, and sales counts, call centers can craft an approach to recycling leads that streamline operations even more.

Return of investment with predictive dialers

Predictive dialing software help call center managers keep their teams competent and productive. From metrics to real minutes, dialers provide solid solutions to some of phone sales’ most pressing problems.

Integrated with tools like Tenfold, the benefits of dialers are magnified and multiplied. The return on investment for using the latest tech solutions to the age-old profession of sales is unmatched. Call centers who are willing to embrace these new tools will enjoy max return with the high volume of calls and better call center management.



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