What are Lead Response Reps? Lead response reps, defined.

Lead response reps are specialized personnel tasked to follow up on inbound leads. Sometimes, they are referred to with other titles like inbound sales reps, marketing qualification reps, and market response reps.

Since inbound leads are most likely calls or logins from leads that are actively shopping and intend to make a purchase at real time, a lead response rep is often a live agent that answers questions about a product or service.

However, since blogging, tweeting, SEO, word-of-mouth, infographics, among many others, are also viable sources of inbound leads, lead response reps would have to reply with the appropriate tools. It is not uncommon to see lead response reps answer questions over Facebook comments or via Tweeter posts. Some even post active replies to blog posts about their company’s services.

Additionally, these personnel are sometimes tasked to inform, mention, or recommend other products and services that their company offers to stimulate passive lead generation.

Relevance in Business

It’s no secret that traditional sales methods are dying out. Buyers are now more aware of what they want and when they contact a seller, they already have a wealth of ideas about the product or service. This poses a problem to the salesperson who—in the traditional method—has to rely on being the only one to have access to first-hand information about the product so they can convince a lead to invest or purchase.

Lead response reps solve this by being the company’s helping hand for any objections a customer might raise or any concern they feel should be addressed. For example, a lead might think about buying a specific business software which received mixed reviews about its compatibility with other programs the lead already has. A lead response rep can help him understand the pros and cons of continuing with the purchase. This, along with the foreknowledge of the lead about the product, can strengthen their interest and possibly convert them into a paying customer.

Salesforce legend Aaron Ross described the duties of lead response reps best in his book Predictable Revenue: they are needed by companies “to reach your leads, overcome objections, make sure they are a fit, and get them connected to sales teams.” This would then make it easier for a company’s account executives (closers) to make the deal a reality. Since the closers—whose training is to make sure that company-client relationship is high—do not have to qualify and convince leads anymore, they can just spend their time closing the deals.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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