What is a Hosted Dialer? Hosted dialers, defined.

“Hosted dialers” is a shortened term for “cloud hosted auto-dialers”. Compared to on-premise auto-dialers, the maintenance and upkeep of a dedicated hosted dialer is provided by the service’s vendor and the business only needs to have an Internet gateway to use their service.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hosted dialer: The Cloud Effect

Auto-dialers are a good thing for any business that relies on outbound phone calls to engage customers. However, the issue for using hosted dialers is the same as with any cloud service: cost vs scale. Costs for subscriptions are usually more expensive than non-cloud services due to the bundling of maintenance and upkeep costs into the actual cost of the main service.

For extremely small businesses, a hosted dialer makes sense. They don’t need dedicated IT teams or expensive server-grade equipment to take advantage of the service, and any downtime or maintenance costs are covered by their subscription. As businesses grow, however, subscriptions can become more expensive, especially if billed on a per-user basis.

Additionally, any problem with the host of the dialer itself will affect the entirety of the operations of the business. Maintaining a backup for instances like this introduces redundant cost to the company that is also tied to its size and scale.

Integration with other cloud-based tools

One of the advantages of getting a cloud-based service is the availability of other cloud-based tools that can be integrated into the service you’re subscribed to.

For example, Salesforce, one of the major business-inclined cloud computing software that specializes in customer relationship management, can easily be integrated with a majority of hosted dialers to be able to record call metrics and other customer-related information during the call. Salesforce can even provide live dashboards and data visualization for sales teams to give them real-time updates.


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Dan Sincavage

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