Connecting Call Agents to Data Analytics: Using Netsuite CTI integration to optimize customer service

Unified communications systems have eclipsed traditional telephone lines for twenty-first-century call centers, sales floors, and IT service teams. With unified communications, businesses are able to integrate their phone system with data analytics, client databases, and other aspects of the sales or service funnel. Unified communications systems give call agents greater flexibility and a more successful user experience. Recent surveys indicate that 70% of business have either adopted UC systems or plan to in the near future. VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone systems are crucial to making unified communications work; unlike tradition circuit switch telephony, VoIP allows all aspects of service, including voice and video, to be routed digitally from site to site. VoIP phone services are less expensive, more reliable, and allow teams to provide better customer service. Recent data suggests that companies which switch to VoIP can save as much as 45% on monthly telephone services and that they can save employees between 30 minutes to an hour per work day.

A productive unified communications system requires more than an excellent VoIP phone system. Crucially, the VoIP needs the right CRM software; furthermore, the two systems must be joined so they can operate as one unified system. CTI (computer telephony integration) software lets companies completely integrate their phone system with their CRM programs. CTI software can offer specific features that augment the CRM’s sales or customer service functionality. For example, a well-integrated, productive CTI program can let agents access the system from different locations and from different devices, thus making agents more mobile. Moreover, CTI software can automate features to reduce customer wait times or streamline baggy processes. By managing wait times, rerouting the most urgent calls or allowing some aspects to be fulfilled through self-service, CTI software can make optimize customer service and give clients a better customer service experience. Systemically organized CTI integration programs have been shown to reduce wait times and create more personalized customer relations. Additionally, CTI software can monitor users’ call to analyze performance and encourage collaboration by allowing for real time database updates from calls.

How can CTI connect Netsuite CRM with VoIP phone systems?

Cloud-based CRM Netsuite CRM+:

The Netsuite cloud-based CRM is one of the most widely used, popular CRM programs for businesses with more than twenty employees. Netsuite is a long-standing leader in cloud-based software; its applications are used by more than 30,000 businesses in over 160 countries. Top Ten Reviews calls Netsuite CRM+ “one of the best CRM systems available,” as it is extremely usable with a variety of helpful features. Digital reviewer Finances Online highlights the system’s powerful functionalities and excellent customer service attributes, noting that “with NetSuite CRM, companies are able to deliver exceptional customer experience from the early stages of lead management all the way to fulfillment and post-sales support.”

Because of its long history creating and innovating software, Netsuite is known for its broad applicability in its computing platforms and programs. This means that NetSuite business software is built with a wide range of industries in mind, allowing it to offer customized functionalities for unique industries. More importantly, Netsuite CRM+ is produced only for the cloud; in other words, it is made for businesses that don’t want heavy infrastructure or large IT departments. This allows SMEs to compete without large infrastructural investments. The cloud-based system automatically upgrades software and allows for radical scalability so that businesses can grow their staff easily and quickly. In its CRM, Netsuite provides software in sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service management. Its customer service management software feature case management solutions, knowledge management for easy organization and publication, unique customer portals, and time tracking that directly connects to customer records. In addition, Netsuite CRM functions with a host of third-party apps that are created specifically for Netsuite, so the apps work natively with the software.

What specific features can CTI integration with Netsuite offer?

Netsuite CTI integration software can successfully link businesses’ VoIP phones to Netsuite’s CRM, effectively joining the two together to create more seamless customer interactions and services. Netsuite CRM integration with phone systems offers a variety of benefits, including:

Mobile Technology: Through Netsuite integration, businesses can link users to necessary data from anywhere. Users can contact clients and customers from inside or outside of the office, from tablets and phones as well as laptops. Using the mobile dashboard, users have mobile access to data, client information, supply, and other customers needs. Netsuite CRM offers the same dashboard on a myriad of devices so that agents can use mobile phones as easily as desktop computers.

Integrated Dashboard: Netsuite CRM allows for a 360-degree view of customer interactions so that agents and other users can see the entire picture, from opportunity through support, in real time. With Netsuite CTI, phone call data can be automatically entered without the hassle of manual data entry. The CRM can track agent, customer information, duration, and customer connects without input from the user, leaving the user free to add subjective notes as required.

Increased call capacity through streamlining: With Netsuite integration, users are able to optimize call volume by simplifying access and streamlining data entry. Netsuite CTI integration includes click-to-dial, in which users can dial a phone number on any web page, document or spreadsheet with one click; screen pops that connect any call with client information; dashboard call control, which allows users to hold, transfer, and manage calls from the dashboard; and automatic wrap-up codes to organize calls through the system.

Call routing and online self-service: Using Netsuite CRM integration, customer calls can be routed for higher efficiency. The CRM offers businesses the ability to route calls and track supporting cases by product, issue, case type, partner or customer. The system matches the right customer with the right agent and gives that agent the information necessarily to immediately assist that customer, without any wasted time. Moreover, Netsuite CRM also provides self-service portals, which can reduce wait times and further optimize the customer experience. Through self-service, customers can submit cases, track status and shipping, and communicate via text with customer service.

Organizational structure: Netsuite CTI makes collaboration between colleagues more efficient and produces stronger long-term organization. Because the system allows users to see the entire customer trajectory, it can automatically plan for next steps in a user’s schedule and make sure that agent/customer interaction remains consistent. In a sales environment in which it usually takes multiple calls to turn a contact into a customer, automatic scheduling helps teams organize continued conversations. Additionally, team members can see what corresponding agents have done or what they plan to do, letting users collaborate on client interaction and customer service.

Data analytics: Netsuite CRM integration lets data becomes instantaneously shareable across teams in real time. With CTI integration, the CRM can sync incoming data with larger data analytics instantaneously, which allows users to have access to immediate data analysis, new data, and real-time updates. Moreover, Netsuite CRM helps users manage, organize, and analyze data. The CRM can deliver end-to-end integration and data integrity, keeping data organized such that marketing, sales, IT, or other teams have equal access to incoming information.

In order to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced customer service and sales environment, businesses need to integrate their VoIP phones with their CRM software. With a well-integrated CRM that fits their needs, companies can streamline their sales process, optimize customer interaction, get their agents mobile, and create a better customer service environment. With Netsuite CRM integrated into businesses’ phone systems, businesses can take advantage of Netsuite’s cloud-based infrastructure and IT management to focus on their own clients and customers. Netsuite CTI integration lets SME and larger enterprises bring together Netsuite’s broadly applicable, cloud-based CRM with their VoIP phone systems. With Netsuite CTI, users can manage timelines, click to dial from a myriad of devices, access information on current and prospective clients, see data analytics, collaborate with other agents, and create a better customer service experience.


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