8 Sales Assessment Tests for Your Sales Team to Prove Their Worth

8 Sales Assessment Tests for Your Sales Team to Prove Their Worth

Nikka Alejandro
8 Sales Assessment Tests for Your Sales Team to Prove Their Worth

To manage with an inside sales group to achievement, you need to select the correct ability, as well as use that ability adequately.

While there isn’t a single assessment that is intuitive of progress, there is an assortment of well-known tests that can help managers gauge how a rep will fit in with their specific sales culture. Despite the fact that disputable, advocates of these identity appraisal tests frequently trust that they can be helpful amid the employing procedure. For instance, a rep with a forceful identity may be ideal for one organization’s business culture, however, be hopeless at another organization. Identity tests can likewise help managers gage how to best oversee singular reps. What’s more, maybe above all, business identity evaluation tests can be utilized to distinguish reps’ potential for initiative.

“Measuring” reps on subjective models is, normally, never going to be as obvious as discovering precise answers in sales measurements. However, similarly as intangibles prefer cooperation and science matter in expert games, so to do subjective judgments make a difference in sales.

Here are 8 sales assessment tests that you should let your sales team should try:

Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire

The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16pf) is a sales personality test created by Dr. Raymond B. Cattell. It was initially distributed in 1949. At the time, measuring the entire of human identity utilizing structure found through variable investigation was a progressive idea. Cattell prepared for the improvement of the five-consider model of identity, which has been fantastic in understanding identity as we probably know it today. The latest form of the 16pf is the fifth version, at first distributed in 1993.

The 16pf is an attribute based psychometric instrument that measures sixteen variables that make up one’s identity. It gives a complete evaluation of one’s identity and predicts work conduct, communication, and execution. It’s helpful for seeing how a man is probably going to carry on and communicate with others, how appropriate they are to the behavioral necessities of a given occupation, and how well they’re probably going to fit into a current group. The 16PF can likewise help in enhancing laborers’ occupation execution, efficiency, work fulfillment and group attachment.

The 16pf might be scored by turn in the event of paper-and-pencil forms, or might be given as an on-line conveyed report. In either case, scores for each of the 16 measurements and the 5 worldwide variables will be accessible. They are reported as sten scores, determined through an examination with standard gathering information from a huge number of people who have finished the 16pf.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a standout amongst the most famous and regarded identity sort instruments on the planet. It is a sales psychology test which depends on research by the eminent clinician Carl Jung. The instrument, people groups effectively comprehend why contrasts emerge at home and in the work environment. It is a straightforward system which assembles connections and groups.”

One of the standards of Jung’s model, “Mental Types” created in 1921, was every individual has an intrinsic desire to develop. Some portion of our developing procedure is to figure out how we separately work, build up the parts of us that we have to take in more about, and find out about the general population around us.

Understanding contrast is a genuine people skills Contrasts happen through social, physical and mental variables. Blend this up with varying convictions and dispositions, and no big surprise overseeing and understanding individuals can challenge.

Caliper Profile Assessment Test

Caliper is a brand name of a sales management organization that created mental assessment test — Caliper test. Being ready to go for over 50 years, Caliper picked up a great deal of trust. Today, a great many organizations overall utilize their answers for ability securing, initiative arranging, and hierarchical change.

For more than half a century organizations have utilized the Caliper Profile Assessment Test to distinguish 25 qualities that identify with occupation execution. This test, which can be taken online or through paper, implies to give clear, target data on an individual’s qualities, impediments, inspirations and potential. Caliper specialists are accessible to work with organizations to guarantee that tests are accurately translated.

DiSC Personality Test

DiSC is a personality assessment test in light of the DiSC hypothesis of clinician and psychologist William Moulton Marston, which fixates on four diverse behavioral attributes: predominance, prompting, accommodation, and consistency. This hypothesis was then formed into a behavioral evaluation apparatus by mechanical therapist Walter Vernon Clarke.

The best utilization of DiSC is to take in more around oneself, others and how to manage circumstances where relational connections are included. Some more particular forms of the Disk appraisal will help see how one individual would likely respond in a particular group, administration or initiative circumstance, given her or his DiSC style. Applicable as well to knowing one’s sales personality.

Grit Assessment

Angela Duckworth, then a graduate understudy in brain research at the University of Pennsylvania.Presently, Duckworth is an assistant teacher at the University of Pennsylvania, and her exploration concentrates on an identity quality she calls “grit” She characterizes coarseness as “staying with things over the long haul until you ace them.” In a paper, she composes that “the abrasive individual methodologies accomplishment as a marathon; his or her favorable position is stamina.”

Duckworth has built up a test called the “Grit Scale.” You rate yourself on a progression of 8 to 12 things. Two illustrations: “I have beat misfortunes to vanquish a critical test” and “Difficulties don’t demoralize me.” It’s totally self-announced, so you could diversion the test, but what Duckworth has found is that a man’s grit score is profoundly prescient of accomplishment under testing conditions.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

In StrengthsFinder 2.0, Gallup gives another variant of the qualities evaluation and a customized qualities revelation and activity arranging guide for applying your qualities later on. This book can be perused in one sitting but on the other hand is a valuable reference for what’s to come. Stacked with methodologies for applying your qualities, the book and extra website data will change the way you see yourself and your general surroundings.

In the crowded world of career and leadership advice, Rath and his Gallup associates emerge as a result of their endless conviction that individuals ought to concentrate on benefitting as much as possible from their gifts, as opposed to attempting to repair their defects. Repair work is moderate and unsettling, Rath contends; it’s “the way of general resistance.” By differentiation, he composes, a qualities based approach can have quick adjustments in certainty, efficiency, and expectation.


Objective Management Group (OMG) is a sales appraisal organization that offers a few sales particular assessments for particular parts including sales reps, administrators and executives/VPs. While a portion of alternate tests recorded here is relevant to yet not particular to sales, I’ve incorporated the OMG in light of the fact that it is 100% centered around evaluating sales reps. OMG’s evaluation administrations may come at a higher value point, however, appear to offer a greater number of offers particular granularity than some other appraisal tries out there.


Plum makes it simple to know who is an ideal choice for each of your open positions.

It’s great to know how confident, compassionate, etc. someone is – however it’s similarly essential to comprehend one’s ability mentally. Plum ascertains somebody’s learning speed, how quick they prepare and handle unpredictability. Plum additionally takes in one’s social insight, or how well they handle clashes and keep up positive social connections. Knowing candidates critical thinking capacity and how they understand what is expected to relate socially to others in the working environment can represent the moment of truth somebody’s prosperity at work.

Having the right people for the job enables the team to have better customer relationship and also achieve customer success. Check out this article about companies that master customer success. 

The right assessment is only part of the solution to developing consistency with your sales hiring and selection. No procedure is more grounded than its weakest connection. In the sales hiring process, that shortcoming could be your occupation posting. Most organizations understand that part totally wrong, pulling in the wrong salesmen into the hopeful pool and if you don’t have the right candidates in the pool, the process, assessment, and sales management become non-factors.


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