What is Call Tracking and How Does It Help Your Business?

If you still haven’t implemented a call tracking software to keep up with your sales and marketing, you should. Call tracking is the line that separates businesses that know where its at, and those that go about their marketing campaigns blindly. Where you are when it comes to this line affects your marketing ROI. Do you know where your calls are coming from? Are you investing in ads and marketing campaigns that actually work?

Call tracking is a system that allows you to track campaigns that drive calls to your business. Through this system, you can associate your local and toll-free numbers to your online and offline advertising, landing pages, and search or social media campaigns.

Your call tracking CRM integration captures the performance of these campaigns. With this data, you can assess your marketing investments, as well as improve your callers’ experience. Without it, you might end up misreading your prospects’ behavior and putting your funds where you don’t get enough conversion back.

How A Call Tracking Software Works

The way a call tracking software works is simple. Its system allows you to assign unique phone numbers or web codes to online and offline marketing campaigns. The responses are tracked and, alongside other data culled from your CRM system, assessed according to key metrics, such as leading call drivers and top conversion venues.

How A Call Tracking Software Benefits Your Business

There are several benefits from a call tracking software:

In-depth Insight On Your Marketing ROI
With call tracking, you know exactly which of your advertising venues are sending over good leads and improving your conversion rates.

From the experience of DemandResults Marketing Director Jennifer Stretch, call tracking makes marketing ROI visible. And, many of their clients are finding out how phone calls are actually delivering more clients their way.

According to Stretch, “When that much ad ROI is suddenly visible, we can make much smarter decisions about where to help clients invest their marketing. And there I’m really just referring to basic channel tracking. When clients begin tracking at the keyword level, then we can get even smarter about actual messaging and inbound marketing tactics.”

Keeping Up With Smartphone Usage
Smartphones have changed buyer behavior. In a way, it has muddled up the accepted notion that web ads lead to clicks and online conversion. Because with smartphones, the conversion could still be over the phone.

When you set up call tracking, you can monitor phone calls triggered by online ads and made through smartphones. This gives you valuable insight on how interconnected your marketing channels are. You can’t rely completely on online advertising and online subscription and booking because some people still prefer to call. Yet, you can’t ignore the value of online presence – you have to reach out online.

This is important to take note, especially since some industries have actually considered ridding themselves of their sales team. For instance, even with the prevalence of online booking websites and online agents, the hotel industry still gets 25% of their reservations via the phone. Starwood specifically found that their click-to-call web ads work and has increased their ROI twenty times.

Better Caller Experience
Call tracking, when integrated with your CRM system, puts important information about the caller upfront. You know their location, product of interest and call history. You might even know how they’ve engaged with you through your website and social media presence.

This information can be used to improve the caller experience. From the get-go, they can be routed to sales and support teams that are better equipped to help with their specific needs. They can be attended to by someone local to them or someone who knows where to pick things up from.

Tracking Offline Engagements
Call tracking helps you keep track of your offline marketing channels. Instead of asking your caller how they found you, you know already through the number they called.

This is a good way of quantifying the success of your offline engagements, such as TV and radio ads and trade show participation. It is important to keep track even of your minor marketing efforts, such as one-paged flyers. Assign specific numbers to these efforts and use your call tracking software to keep track.

Know exactly how much of your efforts give back and make better marketing investments from there.


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