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FREE WHITE PAPER: The Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration

Increase outbound calls and conversions with a CTI solution.

When it comes to sales, it’s important to be able to move onto the next prospect as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, manual data entry can significantly hinder a salespersons ability to move on at a reasonable pace. Some estimates have placed this wasted time as high as 20% of an entire workweek. But with a CTI solution, that entire day can be given back to the sales team, and free up their schedules to focus on their primary tasks.

In this eBook, we walk through the many applications of a CTI system, and how it can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sales processes.

  • Carefully organized lead management
  • The elimination of manual data entry
  • Considerations before implementing a CTI
  • Leveraging existing systems

See how a well implemented CTI system leads to increased calls and conversions.