Whitelist Hosts and IP Addresses

Whitelist IP Addresses for Tenfold Cloud Connect Server

Updated: 3/18/2019

Overview: This article provides a list of IP Addresses to whitelist for Tenfold services.

Cloud Connect Server / On-Premise Phone System Connectivity Requirements

The following applies outbound from the customer network to Tenfold Cloud

ent1.bridge.callinize.com ( (outbound)

events.tenfold.com:443 (outbound)
intake.tenfold.com:443 (outbound)
ccm.tenfold.com ( (outbound)

*.pubnub.com:443 *.pndsn.com:443 *.pubnub.net:443 *.pubnub.io:443 (outbound)

If you are unable to whitelist domains you may whitelist the below individual IPs and ranges:

Single IPs (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound)

Ranges (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound) (outbound)

CRM Connectivity Requirements

The following IP addresses may connect to your CRM. (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound) (Inbound)

Email Delivery Connectivity Requirements

The following host and IP deliver system emails such as @mention notifications, invites, password reset requests, etc.

mail.tenfold.com ( (Inbound)

Tenfold UI Connectivity Requirements

api.tenfold.com:443 (Outbound)
tracker.tenfold.com:443 (Outbound)
*.firebaseio.com:443 (Outbound)

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