Which versions of SugarCRM are supported?

Do you use SugarCRM? GREAT! Tenfold is fully compatible.

Tenfold works on all flavors of SugarCRM; On Premise and OnDemand.

– SugarCRM Community Edition (CE)

– SugarCRM Pro

– SugarCRM Corporate

– SugarCRM Ultimate

– SugarCRM On Demand

– SugarCRM Open Cloud (European On Demand)


– 6.4.x

– 6.5.x

– 6.6.x

– 6.7.x

– 7.0.x And later, including the newest version 7.7x

Tenfold Currently works with all available versions of SugarCRM. If you experience any compatibility issues, please reach out to support@tenfold.com


Will it work with Sugar Community?

Will it work with Sugar On Demand?

Bojan Ulemek

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