What information is logged for each call?

Every call, incoming & outgoing, creates a call record.

Every call record contains the following information:

– Call Duration
– Direction (inbound vs. outbound)
– Name of user who made or received the call
– If it’s an inbound call, the inbound extension (for example the queue or phone number it came in on)
– User extension (the extension of the user that answered the call)
– User device (i.e. cell phone vs. desk phone)
Call notes entered by the user

All of this information is automatically linked to the contact/lead/account by phone number! The only information requiring manual data entry is the call note function which allows the user flexibility to enter any pertinent information they deem useful.

Additional features of the call notes function:

The ability to quickly and easily create follow up tasks using the data entered within the call note
Send notes to a colleague using our @mention syntax

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