How to Handle No Matches

In many scenarios, you will receive calls from numbers that have yet to be logged to your CRM instance, or are dialing into a new entity for the first time. Within the Chrome Extension Floating UI, these calls will show in a “No Match” scenario, and with the power of Tenfold you will be able to create new entities directly from the UI.

Required User Input for No Matches

Before the call can be logged to the CRM, the user will need to identify who it is they are speaking to.

– Within the Floating UI deploy, it will indicate that there was “No Match Found” for the associated number. From here you can associate the call to a pre-existing entity, or create a new one from scratch.

– Begin typing the name of the Entity, and click on the associated Module to save it to your CRM system. The different available Modules will depend on your CRM configuration.

– After succesfully associating the phone number and entity name to the correct Module, the call will show as a successful single-match scenario, where the note saving functionality and all other features of the Floating UI can be utilized.


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