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Tenfold Dashboard Guide

Tenfold Dashboard Guide

Updated: 9/25/2019

Overview: This article provides an overview of the various components Tenfold Dashboard. Note that many components of the dashboard are available to administrators only.


Tenfold Admin Training Video:




The Users tab is only accessible by Admins, and provides access to the following:

  • Search Users
  • Create Users
  • Import Users
  • Assign available extensions with unassigned calls
  • Synchronize Users from Salesforce
  • Check a User’s CRM ID
  • Configure a User’s Extensions
  • Configure a User’s Queues
  • Enable/Disable a User
  • Edit/Delete a User
  • Set/Unset Admin privileges


users list


Company Settings

The Company Settings tab is only accessible by Admins, and includes the following configuration pages for your organization:


Provides access to configure the following:

Provides access to create and manage Teams within your organization.

Shows the health of the CRM connection, usage of API Calls allowance, and provides access to the following:

  • CRM Platform selection for the organization
  • Option to Synchronize Fields with the CRM
  • Option to Change CRM production user
  • Option to Change CRM sandbox user
  • Advanced CRM Options

Phone System:
Shows the health of the Phone System connection and provides access to the following:

  • Phone System selection for the organization, with necessary configuration fields for that selection
  • Option to change Click to Dial Country Codes

Allows you to view and change your Tenfold plan and managing Billing information.



The Features tab is only accessible by Admins. This is where you are able to manage what features of Tenfold are enabled or disabled for your organization.

You can further configure what components of some features are available and how they behave. A few examples would include setting the configuration of your Call Floating UI to persist open or closed depending on your organization’s preference or managing the default behavior of Follow-up Tasks.



All users will have a Profile Tab on their Dashboard. This tab includes the user’s:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • User ID
  • Direct Dial Phone Number
  • Organization ID
  • Assigned Extensions (configurable)
  • Queues currently assigned
  • Email Templates tab (enables you to configure email templates to use in the Call Floating UI)
  • Link to install the Chrome Extension


user profile



All users will have an Analytics Tab on their Dashboard so long as this Feature is enabled and not set to hidden. Analytics covers an array of call statistics for your users. An in-depth look at the data covered in Analytics can be found here.





The Troubleshooting tab includes several guides for setting up Tenfold and popular Support documentation.

You can also view Average Phone Event Processing times to help diagnose latency with the Floating UI and Analytics.


Still have questions about Analytics? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We are happy to help!



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