Notes Setup

Notes Setup

Note configuration can be set for the entire Organization. If a User has a preference on this behavior, they will be able to access the Features from their Dashboard and configure Note Setup for their own account. User configuration will have precedence over the Organization Settings.



Keep Floating UI open after saving the notes

Enabling this preference allows the Floating UI to stay open after clicking the Save button. Alternatively, clicking Save will close the Floating UI.

Open the call on your CRM after saving it


Save Follow up Task as a Event

Enabling this preference allows the Follow-up Task to be saved as an Event. Alternatively, the Follow-up Tasks are saved as tasks.


Use Date Picker to select follow up date

Enabling this preference allows the Date Picker selector to be used to set follow-up dates. This button is found next to the Save button in the Floating UI.

Clicking on the button will open a calendar for the User to select a date.


Display notes from the previous call

Enabling this preference will show the previous call notes for the new incoming call.

Note: This is a custom preference created for a specific Organization. It will not fit all use cases.

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