Log to Textarea

Log to Textarea

Updated: 6/1/2018

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for using Log to Textarea. <More explicit detail, configuration, and use cases coming to this page within the Month. Reach out to Tenfold support@tenfold.com for more information in the interim.>

What it does: The purpose of this feature is to allow a custom workflow so that notes associated to a call are able to be saved to a text field in the CRM. Up to 4000 characters of text can be in this field. You can set a maximum length to less than this. This field has several format options that will change the presentation of the text. These options are Email, Text, Text Area, URL, Ticker Symbol, and Phone.

More information: Single line of text format options → Text Area: This format option can be used to display multiple lines of text. But with a limit of 4000 characters, the Multiple Lines of Text field is a better choice if large amounts of text are expected.

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