Launching an Online Meeting

Launching an Online Meeting

Updated: 11/5/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of using and configuring the Online Meeting integration available with Tenfold.


Online Meeting Integration

There can be many scenarios where your organization may want to launch an online meeting with a client. Screen shares and video chats have become common practice in many areas of business, and keeping that functionality readily accessible ensures you can utilize it as seamlessly as possible.

Tenfold allows you to send a meeting invitation from directly within the interface. All you need is a functional meeting software and your contact’s email address for the invitation.


Launching Your Meeting

To get started, you must first ensure that the contact you want to create a meeting with is pulled up in the Floating UI. This can be on the live interaction, or with a previous interaction located in your “Recent” tab.

As long as this Feature is enabled, you should see a video icon like the one pictured below. If the CRM record has an associated email address, it will automatically be populated for the invitation. You can also enter this email address manually in the event it does not populate or if you need to change it.

Clicking on “Go” will launch the meeting and send an invitation to the contact’s email.




Enabling the Launch Meeting Feature

One of your organization’s Tenfold Admins will need to enable and configure this Feature before it can be used. This process is easy and should only take a few minutes.

  1. Navigate to the “Launch an Online Meeting” section in Features
  2. Ensure the Feature is “Enabled” in the upper right corner
  3. In this page, you can select the service you would like to utilize for launching meetings. Tenfold currently supports Google Hangouts, ZOOM,, and GoToMeeting.
    Note: If you select ZOOM, you will need to provide an API key and API secret.


Launch an Online Meeting


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