Features allow your Organization to customize the Tenfold experience. Features management can be found in your Admin Dashboard at the top. Most of these features can be Enabled or Disabled, or customized based on your Organization’s preferences. If a Feature cannot be Enabled/Disabled from the Admin Dashboard, it will be mentioned below.

Not all Features are supported by your Phone System or CRM. Please reference the “Supported…” sections on each feature (found in the Dashboard) for information if this feature is compatible for your integration.

Contained in this document are the features that should be used in your Organization. It’s possible that based on Provider more features may be present for you to choose from. If this is the case and you need more information on the feature, you can visit Tenfold’s Support site at https://www.tenfold.com/support-center.


Core Features

@Mention Syntax

With the use of @mention, the User will be able to send a copy of the notes from the Tenfold Floating UI to the mentioned User. By default, this is set to be matched with the User’s name but can be changed to “username” (email address) based on your Organization’s preference.

More can be found regarding this feature here.

Default Floating UI Mode

It is possible to change the default behavior of the Floating UI under this feature. This feature is disabled by default which will allow the Floating UI to open and close on its own when calls are received or made. If this feature is enabled, the options present are “Manual” and “Hidden”.

Configuring the Default mode to Manual will cause the Floating UI to persist open unless the User clicks the interface to minimize it.

Configuring the Default mode to Hidden will cause the Floating UI to persist close. This option should only be selected if your Organization plans on utilizing Tenfold for Click-to-Dial only.

More can be found regarding this feature here.

Note: This option is Organization-wide.


Natural Language Processor

The Natural Language Processor uses natural language processing to recognize phrases such as “follow up tomorrow” or “call back next week” to create follow-up tasks in the CRM. NLP can be used in conjunction with @mention with the phrase “Assign to @username” to assign the follow-up task to that User.

More can be found regarding this feature here.

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