Feature: Default Floating UI Mode

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Feature: Default Floating UI Mode
Last updated: 07-11-17

Feature Available for the following plans:
Available across all plans.

Note: Configuring this feature requires Admin access.

Depending on your workflow, you may need to adjust the behavior of the Tenfold UI. The purpose of this article is to explain how to configure the Tenfold UI to work optimally with your organization.

There are two different available options for the Tenfold UI, Manual and Hidden.

By selecting this option, you effectively keep the Tenfold UI open at all times. If you need to close the UI at any time, kindly click the blue tab to collapse the UI and free up your browser.
-Use this option if it’s critical to see your callers information the moment the call is received.
-This allows all users to use the Tenfold UI in a way that best matches

This option keeps the floating UI closed at all times. Users typically select this option if they primarily use Tenfold for Click to Dial functionality. If conserving browser viewing space is important to your organization, use this option.

How can I configure this feature?

1.Log in to the Tenfold dashboard as an admin.
2.Click “Features”
3. “Default Floating UI Mode” will be at the top of the feature list.
4. Make sure to enable this feature first, and configure with the desired mode

Note: This will set the UI behavior for your entire organization.

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