Export “All Calls” The Complete Itemized Phone Report

Export “All Calls” The Complete Itemized Phone Report
Last updated: 07-24-17

Feature Available for the following plans:
All plans with analytic access are eligible for this feature.

The purpose of this article to explain how to export an entire, itemized call list for each user in your organization.



1. Sign in to your company analytics page

2. Set your data range, and click the “Reports” Button

3. Select “All Calls”. Notice the timer icon, this indicates the report is loading.

4. Wait for the timer icon to transition to a checkmark, and check the email used to sign in to Tenfold.

5. Check Your email, you should see an email from “Team” subject: [Tenfold All Calls report] this email will have a spreadsheet attached with all calls made by your organization.

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