Configuring Sync Users Filtering feature

How to configure Sync Users Filtering feature

Updated: 09/16/2019

Overview: This article describes how to configure the Sync User Filtering feature

Often times administrators will only want to add and/or synchronize specific CRM users with Tenfold. This feature will allow an administrator to designate which CRM users to add and/or synchronize.


1. From the Tenfold Dashboard click on Features.

2. Select Sync Users Filtering from the Feature list and enable.

3. Enter in the Identifying Attribute and Identifying Value for the users in the CRM that are to be added/synced with the Tenfold Dashboard.

Identifying Attribute: is the property from the CRM’s User entity that contains the value used to identify the user

Identifying Value: is the value used to identify which users should be synced to the Tenfold Dashboard

4. Press Save

5. Click on Users from the top of the Dashboard

6. Click on Synchronize users to add and sync users from the CRM to the Tenfold dashboard.


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