This feature allows the User to create new Cases with a single click that is automatically associated with the current call and the CRM record from within the Floating UI. The feature also allows the User to link call notes to existing Open Cases in your CRM from the Floating UI.

Creating Cases

If Cases are Enabled for your Organization, a briefcase icon will appear on the Floating UI.

Selecting Cases on the sub-menu will open a new CRM window for new Case creation with some fields pre-filled out.

This sub-menu will also show related open cases (by default) under the Cases subsection.



Auto relate cases

Enabling this preference will automatically associate single-matched calls within the Floating UI to an open case that relates to that entity record. This will only occur if there is only one resource to relate. If Auto relate Opportunities is enabled as well, relating to Opportunities will trump Cases.

Note: When more than one resource is present, we choose not to select one automatically because during calls without human interaction there would be several incorrectly matched resources.


Show cases related to a contact only

Enabling this preference will filter the shown cases to only cases related to the Contact only. By default, cases for the Contact’s parent account will be shown as well.

Show closed cases

Enabling this preference will show Closed Cases related to the Contact/Account as well. By default, only Open Cases will be displayed.

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