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Cases and Opportunities in Tenfold

Cases and Opportunities in Tenfold

Updated: 12/24/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of the Case and Opportunity creation/relation Feature within the Tenfold Floating UI

Creating/Relating a Case or Opportunity

Tenfold enables users to quickly locate and connect existing Cases and Opportunities to their respective Contacts and Accounts in their CRM. You can also create an entirely new Case or Opportunity as needed.

To get started, you must first match the call with the appropriate CRM Record. Once this is completed, you can click on the briefcase icon to see existing Cases/Opportunities associated with it. If one does not yet exist, you can select a new Case or Opportunity to launch the CRM page where you create it.

The number on the briefcase icon indicates how many Cases/Opportunities already exist for this record. Admins can configure additional settings for what is shown (i.e. Open and Closed Cases or just Open Cases) and if they are automatically related in the Features section of the Dashboard.

Once a Case or Opportunity is selected, the number turns in to a green checkmark.

Case and Opp

Note: More can be found about the Opportunities Feature here.


Auto relate cases

Enabling this preference will automatically associate single-matched calls within the Floating UI to an open case that relates to that entity record. This will only occur if there is only one resource to relate. If Auto relate Opportunities is enabled as well, relating to Opportunities will trump Cases.

Note: When more than one resource is present, we choose not to select one automatically because during calls without human interaction there would be several incorrectly matched resources.

Show cases related to a contact only

Enabling this preference will filter the shown cases to only cases related to the Contact only. By default, cases for the Contact’s parent account will be shown as well.

Show closed cases

Enabling this preference will show Closed Cases related to the Contact/Account as well. By default, only Open Cases will be displayed.

Additional Notes

  • If you do not see the expected Case/Opportunity listed, make sure you have selected the correct Contact or Account record it is under in the CRM, as that is where Tenfold is pulling the data from directly.
  • The Floating UI will only show the most recent 10 Cases/Opportunities associated with a record.

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