Automate Resource Creation

Automate Resource Creation

This feature when Enabled will allow your Organization to create resources automatically (Cases, Opportunities, etc) on specified call state triggers.



Call Settings

This defines the call state (direction/status) to match and start the automated resource creation. An example configuration would be to set the resource trigger to be for all Incoming Calls that receive a Connection event.

Resource Settings

This setting defines the type of resource that will be automatically created. The resource dropdown will show the available resources to be automatically created. You will also have the option to open the resource in your browser upon creation.

Module Settings

In case of no matched records for the phone call, this preference will create a dummy module (lead/contact/account) in order to still create the resource automatically.

Start by selecting the type of module to be created (Lead/Contact/Account). Once the module type has been selected, you will need to provide the module name to be created.

Note: The module name is required.

By default, the name will be Unknown [:number:]. The [:number:] portion of this field will add the phone number to the name. An incoming call from 555-555-5555 with the above example will name the Lead/Contact/Account Unknown 555-555-5555.


Parent Module Settings

Enabling this preference will create a parent module associated to the module and resource above in the case of no matched records.

Select a Parent module from the drop down and then provide the name of the parent module (the same process as the module settings above).

Note: the parent module name is required.

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