Associating a Phone Number with CRM Records

Associating a Phone Number with CRM Records

Updated: 8/30/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for pairing phone numbers to CRM records in the Floating UI.


Multiple Matches

When multiple records match the phone number on an interaction, Tenfold displays all matching records to enable you to quickly pair the phone number with the correct profile.


If there are too many matches listed to quickly locate the desired record, you can use the “Filter Results” box to narrow the search parameters.


Search Your CRM or Create a New Record

If you don’t see the record you need or if the record does not yet exist, click the “Search or Add New” button. This will enable you to search your entire CRM or create a new record entirely, as seen here:


Associated Profile

Once the desired record is located, select it to associate with the interaction by clicking on it. Upon selection, the associated phone number and profile are displayed like this:

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