Advanced Click to Dial

Advanced Click to Dial

Enabling this feature will allow your Organization more control with the Click-to-Dial core feature.



Loose and Strict refers to Click to Dial parsing or how Tenfold hyperlinks numbers. In Loose Mode, all numbers will show up as clickable, whether or not they are in a phone field in the CRM. At times, certain numbers such as tracking numbers, quoted numbers and order numbers may be misinterpreted. In Strict Mode, only numbers in phone number fields will show up as Click to Dial capable. This eliminates potential misinterpretation but will not hyperlink numbers outside of the phone fields.


Allowed Domains (Whitelist)

In some cases, you may want to restrict what domains Click to Dial parsing will take place. By adding domains to this list, Click to Dial will be restricted  to only these sites.


Denied Domains (Blacklist)

Alternatively, there are times when you want to prevent Click to Dial parsing only on certain sites. By adding domains to this list, Click to Dial will not parse on the specified sites but will parse on all others.


CTI Click to Dial Interceptor

In some rare instances, a 3rd Party solution may block Click to Dial requests. Enabling this Interceptor can help alleviate this behavior.

Note: This can also occur if both the Tenfold Chrome Extension and Tenfold OpenCTI (Salesforce only) solution are used.

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