Users table section is located on Analytics page of Tenfold Dashboard.

You can see detailed lead/inbound/outbound stats for each member of team or company. By clicking on ‘Export’ button table is exported into .csv file which you can open in any spreadsheet application (Excel, Google spreadsheet, etc).


When you click on member name you can see member’s calls stats and detailed call history.


Here is detailed explanation for each stat:


The total # of calls associated with phone devices (extensions) assigned to this Tenfold user. These are broken down into inbound calls and outbound calls. Our analytics will only show calls that have a hang-up event.

Note: If there are calls coming into a Ring Group or a Queue, this call total may reflect these calls even if this user does not answer the phone. Whether this is the case for your organization depends on the phone system you are using.


This is the total amount of time in minutes spent on all calls.

Note: This includes ringing time.


Total amount of time per call divided by total # of calls.


Total number of calls where the Tenfold user entered notes using the Call Floating UI box.


A crm match occurs when the caller or callee # exists in the CRM at the time the call is made or received. If the record is added while on the call, this does not count as a CRM match, however any subsequent calls to or from this # would.

Long calls

A long call is any call that lasts more than 10 minutes.


If the call is an outbound call and the call duration is > 1.5 minutes, this is considered a connect event. (This includes voice messages that may last longer than 1.5 minutes.) You can modify the threshold for a “connect” on the admin Dashboard.

Quality connects

# of long calls greater than 10 minutes. You can adjust this threshold on the Admin Dashboard.

Connect %

Percentage of calls resulting in a connected event.

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