Unable to Save Calls/Notes to CRM

Unable to Save Calls/Notes to CRM

Updated: 10/11/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough of troubleshooting steps to isolate and resolve issues preventing users from saving information to the CRM with Tenfold.


Saving CRM Information Through the Floating UI

Tenfold enables users to save calls and notes to their CRM directly from the Floating UI. It is important to note that only CRM Users can write data to the CRM with Tenfold. For additional information on CRM Users vs. Non CRM Users, please see this article. A call must also be Single Matched before notes and call data can be saved.

If it seems like records are not being saved, complete the steps below to isolate and resolve the disconnect.


Verify the User Has a CRM ID

  1. Navigate to the Users Tab of the Tenfold Dashboard.
  2. Locate the user in question and hover on their Tenfold Username
  3. Verify that the user has a CRM ID showing in the box that pops up.
  4. If the user does not have a CRM ID, click the “Synchronize users” button in the top right and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. If the user has a CRM ID, proceed to the next steps.

CRM ID Verification


Verify the CRM Is Authenticated

  1. Navigate to the CRM section of your Company Settings tab in the Dashboard.
  2. Verify that your CRM connection is returning a successful result.
  3. If you are getting a red bar, Tenfold is having trouble authenticating with the CRM. Contact your CRM Administrator to complete the re-authentication.
  4. If you are getting a green bar but records are still not being found, verify that the account being used is the SuperAdmin for your CRM.
    Note: The CRM authentication can return a green result for any CRM user, but only the SuperAdmin will grant necessary access to find records in the Floating UI.

CRM Connection Green


Still Having Trouble?

Please contact our Support Team and we will be happy to ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible.

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