Netsuite – Saving Notes to a Contact

Netsuite – Saving Notes to a Contact

Updated: 10/12/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of some of the CRM requirements when saving notes to a Contact record in Netsuite.


Parent (Company) Account Requirement

One of the most common issues reported with Netsuite is the inability to save notes to a Contact record. It is important to note that Netsuite does not allow for information to be saved to a Contact without a Parent Account (Company) associated to it.

When using Tenfold, if you try to save notes to a Contact without the correct Company assignment, you will be met with a “crmError”.  

Please see the examples below for additional clarification on the correct and incorrect assignments of a Parent Account.


Contact missing a Company account that would not save notes:


Correctly configured Contact with Company account.


Company vs. Relationship Field

Please take note that an assigned Company is not the same as a Relationship. Relationships are listed below the primary information on the Contact and do not fulfill the necessary requirements. This can be misleading as it is also labeled “Company” which can make it seem like the Parent Account has been assigned.

Example of the Company field within Relationships:


Another way to check if there is a company attached to a contact is from the contact list.

Then checking in the Company column.


As this is a limitation of Netsuite, the only known workaround is to ensure a Parent Account is associated to the contact you are trying to save information to.

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