The Call Floating UI window is part of the Chrome Extension. When an incoming or outgoing call is detected by our system, this Floating UI appears in the bottom right corner of every open Chrome tab.

A smaller box may appear when events like click-to-dial occur. This is a Chrome notification window and can be turned on or off in your Chrome settings.


Call Data
– direction (Inbound vs. Outbound)
– status – the dot on the Callinze call icon is yellow before the call connects, green on connect and red after hangup.
– lead/contact name – links to the CRM record for that contact / lead
– lead/contact title
– lead/contact phone #
– duration
– activity history for the contact


– Minimize, Maximize or Close the Floating UI
– Add Call Notes – Use the notes box to save information about your current call. You can create follow-up tasks and send call notes to colleagues. Keep in mind that these notes can be seen by anyone else that dials this lead at your organization.
– Review Activities – Click on the arrows shown below to scroll through previous notes and activities saved for this contact.
– Switch and Save – When a call comes in and you are already on a call, a green bar at the top of your Floating UI lets you know about the new call so that you may finish entering in notes before switching your Floating UI view.
– Create a Case (premium feature)
– Email Templates: If you have configured email templates on the profile page of your Tenfold Dashboard, you will see an email icon and dropdown menu to allow you to select which email template you wish you use.
Tips on use
– Click on the contact name to open the associated record in your CRM. This feature gives you a quick way to access and update any custom fields you have in your CRM for your contact/lead/account records.
– When the call is over, if you forgot something you wanted to say, simply click the linkified phone # to start dialing your contact again.

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