Tenfold Dashboard (Admin View)

Callinize admins can access organization configuration pages in addition to the standard Callinize Dashboard view. These pages are:
1. Users Tab
2. Company Settings
3. Troubleshooting


1. Under the phone system section you will find the “Click to dial country codes” option. This comma-separated list determines what phone # formats are recognized and marked up for click-to-dial. By default, this will be U.S., all others must be added manually. Please keep this list to a minimum as each additional country specified increases page loading time slightly.

2. The “Advanced Settings” boxes under the CRM and Phone System sections offer additional options … check it out!

3. For some Phone Systems, “Advanced Settings” allow you to set a dial out prefix. If your phone system requires you to dial 9 to get an external line, you would indicate that in this area. If you do not enter the dial out prefix information, the “Click to Dial” feature will not work properly.

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