Display Tenfold Analytics Tab in Salesforce

Display Tenfold Analytics Tab in Salesforce

Updated: 11/26/2017

Overview: This article provides a detailed walkthrough for embedding Analytics inside Salesforce. For a broader overview of instructions in other CRMs, please see this guide instead.


Web Tabs in Salesforce

Salesforce supports integrating web tabs within the dashboard. This enables users to review metrics without having to navigate away from the application. Web tab support is available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Please see this Salesforce resource for detailed instructions on how to integrate web tabs.


Getting Started

  1. Inside your Salesforce instance, navigate to “Setup”
  2. Type “Tabs” in the Quick Find box, then select Tabs
  3. Click “New” in the Web Tabs related list
  4. Choose a layout configuration for the new tab
    Note: The “full page” style spans the entire page and removes the sidebar. The “column” style allows users to keep the sidebar visible
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Enter a label to display on the tab
  7. Click the Tab Style lookup icon to display the Tab Style Selector
  8. Click a tab style to select the color scheme and icon for the custom tab
  9. Enter the URL of the desired web tab. For Tenfold Analytics you will use: http://dashboard.tenfold.com/analytics?tv=true&chart=hour&interval=day&talktime=false&groupby=false
    Note: For additional information on customizing this URL, see this guide
  10. Select “Append tab to users’ existing personal customization” to apply the tab visibility settings to all users
  11. Click “Save”

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