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Updated: 11/1/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick overview of Teams functionality in Tenfold and how to configure them in the Dashboard.


Functionality of Teams

Tenfold offers enhanced integration for large organizations by enabling Admins to create Teams for their users. By organizing users in to Teams, you can further customize Tenfold to best accommodate those users.

For example, you can select customized sets of Dispositions for a Team based on the role of those users. Your Sales group will probably need different Dispositions than your Support group, and this is where you can make those changes. You can manage these under Dispositions in the Features tab.

Team Dispositions

Teams also allow you filter your Analytics view to see users grouped by their respective roles, or compare statistics of those groups as a whole.

Teams in Analytics


Configuring Teams

Teams can be managed in the Teams tab under Company Settings once they have been enabled in Features. Once the Team is created, you will be able to add/remove users and set Analytics privileges.

Teams Tab

To get started:

  • click on the “Create team” button
  • create a Team Name and choose the Team Manager
  • click “Save”

Create New Team


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