There are several settings on your computer and in the Tenfold softphone that affect audio and call quality. Use this guide to diagnose what settings to adjust.

Check your system volume input and output. We may not be able to offer guidance on all operating system configurations, so be sure to research yours.

First check your Device settings.

If you are using a headset or other device to transmit audio, make sure you select the proper device in the audio settings as shown below. Ringing events will be sent to the device assigned for “Notifications”.

This allows you to use speakers for ringing and a headset for talking.



If you prefer for the sound to be off altogether (no ringing noises), then use the menu option shown below to “Turn sound off”.


Advanced Settings

The following settings are typically sufficient for most offices, however some networks may benefit from using one encoding method over another. The best person to offer advice on this will be your phone or network admin.


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