Softphone Audio Encodings (Troubleshooting Call Quality/Consistency)

If you are experiencing call audio quality or connection consistency issues, it may be related to your softphone audio encodings.

If you are unable to hear audio at all, check your Audio Port Settings.

The types of encodings that are best for you depend completely on your phone system and network configuration. Engage your phone service provider, or someone on your team with IT or networking expertise to help identify which ones will work best for you.


You can modify encodings in the softphone from the “Audio” settings tab (shown below) or on the “Encodings” tab on the account edit view (shown above). Change the order of these encodings or enable/disable them to determine which ones the softphone will try and the order it will try them. If you are having trouble figuring out which ones to use, try enabling each one, one at a time, until you find the one that works best for you.


OfficeServ 7100, for example, has been found to work with the following encodings and may not work as well with others.

– PCMA/8000
– PCMU/8000
– G722/16000
Other encodings may work for you, but the above are the first you should try.

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