Cloud Connect Hardware & Network Specifications

Cloud Connect Hardware & Network Specifications

Last updated: 8/24/17

Note: Cloud Connect requires an On-Premise PBX.


Tenfold Cloud Connect is a lightweight application which runs on a Windows server or workstation and retrieves the phone events from your On-Premise PBX via the LAN. It then takes the events and sends them over to our cloud architecture for processing and handling.

To discuss Cloud Connect functionalities in detail, please reach out to our support team for additional information here.


Hardware Specifications:

  •  Processor: 32-bit: 1.8 Ghz min. 64-bit: Any Intel Xeon, Pentium IV, AMD Athlon 6, and Opteron are suitable.
  • 6 GB Memory
  • 10 GB free hard drive space
  • Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network (must be on same LAN as PBX or have a working route to the PBX)
  • SVGA display, keyboard and mouse (or access to the display via remote desktop)
  • Virtual Environments are supported
  • Must have access to the internet

Network Specifications:

  • Must have the ability to access the internet
  • Static externally facing IP address ( this is not used for inbound routing, only for identification of arriving packets on our end ). Most likely, this will be your WAN IP.


 Firewall Ports Required: 

  1. Inbound: TCP: 3025, 3026, 80, 443
  2. Note: Inbound TCP traffic on ports 3025 and 3026 are specifically used for proactive support. Inbound on these ports allows Tenfold to perform a health check on the connection.
  3. Outbound: TCP: 3025, 3026, 80, 443

Whitelist List:

The Tenfold whitelist can be accessed here.

Third party services used by Tenfold:

  •    *
  • .

Cloud Connect Best Practices:

  1. A windows server or workstation that can be left on and operational 24×7. The amount of money you invest in the computer should reflect how “mission critical” you deem the system to be.


2. Windows server updates must be preformed after business hours to prevent any workflow interruptions.


3. TeamViewer or any other remote access is preferred. This will allow our engineers to maintain and troubleshoot any unexpected technical issues.



Additional Tenfold Cloud Connect Hosting Options:

Tenfold also offers a local hosting solution. To ensure the most stable, uninterrupted connection possible, you may want to consider Tenfold to host your services. Please consult our support team and your account manager if this interests your organization.

Feel free to contact our support team here, or give them a call: 512-770-9100.

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