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RingCentral Extensions and Click to Dial

RingCentral Extensions and Click to Dial

Updated: 4/30/2018

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for configuring click to dial when using a RingCentral phone configuration.


Configuring RingCentral Extensions in Tenfold 

Each user will need to configure their personal extension for click to dial with their RingCentral credentials. To access the Phone Settings panel, click on your assigned extension in your Tenfold Profile.

Note: RingCentral extensions are often only visible as the Unique Identifier in the Dashboard. In the screenshot below, searching “134” would not display the desired result. You would need to search “249222028” to assign it.

The Unique Identifier is visible in the website URL when you navigate to RingCentral Admin Portal > Users > User List > End User.

  1. As an Admin, assign the proper extension to the respective user.
  2. Click on the User extension
  3. Enter the RingCentral username and password. These are the same credentials the agent uses to sign in to the RingCentral phone portal.
    Note: Make sure to use a leading “1” at the beginning of the username and exclude any special characters.
  4. Enter your direct dial number in the “CTD Number” field.
  5. Test your click to dial functionality with our Click To Dial Test Page.

Note: “Softphone” check box is no longer needed on the current version of RingCentral.

If you encounter any issues with this process, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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