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RingCentral Office Setup

RingCentral Office Setup

Updated: 4/30/2018

Overview: This article provides a quick summary of authenticating your Tenfold Dashboard with RingCentral.


In order to connect Tenfold to your RingCentral Office account we’ll need your RingCentral admin’s (or super admin’s) credentials.

In the username field you’ll want to place your company’s main number with a ‘1’ in front of the number. If you don’t use the company’s main number this can cause some issues with click to dial for your users.

In the password and extension field, fill in the admin password and extension used to login (if they were using the main line) to ring central’s website.

Learn how to configure your users’ click to dial with the article here


Additional Notes About RingCentral Office

When Tenfold uses a native integration to connect with RingCentral Office there are a few caveats:

  • Calls that go straight to voicemail won’t be sent to Tenfold. This means that any incoming or outgoing calls that go to voicemail without ringing will not be tracked.
  • Tenfold is unable to track outbound calls made from the RingCentral app when you are connected to the cellular network.



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